Welcome Message
It is both an honour and a pleasure to invite You to the XVII International Symposium on Brachial Plexus Surgery, Club A. Narakas that will be held on May 19-21, 2011, at the Tivoli Lisboa Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.
I am sure that with Your contribution we will continue the high scientific level of the preceding Narakas’ Meetings, thus providing an important legacy for those to come.
Lisbon is known as a city of explorers and You too will be filled with the spirit of discovery. It was the first real world city, the capital of an empire, which was expanded to Africa, Asia and South America. Lisbon is a fascinating historic and modern capital often chosen to host many economic, scientific and cultural events.
In May, the weather is mild and You can enjoy the rich Portuguese cuisine and taste the flavour of our fine wine collection.
I am looking forward to meeting you in Lisbon!
Abel Nascimento
Brachial Plexus Symposium,
Villars - Lausanne, Switzerland, 1989